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GDC Gantry Type Series (Bridge Plate)

Code pro010

CTR 622


  1. GDC-4000 with high speed spindle up to 2000rpm, support cooling thru spindle & rigid taping for heavy duty drilling & high efficiency.
  2. GDC-4000 is gantry type high speed drilling machine, it’s suitable for large dimension plate drill job, such as steel structure bridge plate.
  3. Drilling diameter from 6~50mm, this machine also can apply in most usage of steel construction, joint plate, heat changer tube plate drilling job.
  4. Rigid BT40 taper spindle, with spindle air cooling system & air positive pressure system to protect the spindle.
  5. CNC system: Dama-Syntec Special purpose CNC system, Windows CE base for plate drilling jobs with ease operation interface.
  6. Provide alignment function, plate no need parallel with guide rails also can execute the drill jobs.
  7. Provide the hold-down mechanism to keep work part stable before drilling.
  8. Max drilling thickness up to 100mm, users can load many plates as layers & drills in one term while drill small piece joint plate.
  9. Standard 12T umbrella type ATC with tool life management, users can set up the max Z feeding distance, once over the setting value, the machine will change the tools automatically.
  10. Longitudinal axes (2 sides ) with Auto clamping device, they will hold & clamp the machine body tightly during drilling & enhance the machine satiability.
  11. File transfer software (DXF to G.M code) , part program easy produce.





Effective cutting width

4000 mm

Rail span

5400 mm

Effective cutting length

6000 mm +(X)

Rails length

9000 mm +(X)

IPC CNC controller
(Taiwan Syntec Super 8 SERIES )

10.4” LCD color display
Part program loading:

  • USB port
  • RS-232,RS422, Serial Port
  • 10/100 MB Ethernet RJ45

High Speed High precision spindle

BT 40 spindle
Rotary coupling, standard for cooling-thru tools.
Adopting with spindle air cooling system & air positive pressure system to protect the spindle

Spindle motor & inverte

20 HP with reduce rate 1 / 2

Spindle rpm

200~2000 rpm

Drilling capability (Material thickness)

φ6~φ50 ( 6t~100t)

Tapping capability

M8 - M24

X,Y AC servo driver and motor


Z AC servo driver and motor

2kw driver and motor with brake

Positioning speed

X,Y 24000mm/min ,Z:6000mm/min

Positioning accuracy


Reproducibility accuracy


Verticality Accuracy

≦0.05/300 mm

ATC Tool Change

12 Tools Umbrella Type

Tool length (attach Auto measurement)

230 to 380 mm

Cooling recycling system & water tank

High pressure coolant

File transfer software for (DXF to G, M code)


Power supply

3 ø,220V,30HP

Air pressure



Rail's extension unit : Per 3000mm/unit (X)







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GDC Gantry Type Series (Bridge Plate)