Shipbuilding Industry:China Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (CSBC)

In the building process, the shipbuilding industry needs numerous amount of cutting equipment to conduct the cutting of ship-body and the relevant parts. The Taiwan famous shipbuilding company, CSBC, has purchased a lot of cutting machines from DAMA to conduct their cutting operations. With such a long-term reliable relationship with CSBS and their support, DAMA has more confidence to advance forward.

Pressure vessel Industry:Formosa Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.(FHIC)

Pressure Vessel usually means a specialized designing for the capacity to bear certain pressure loading for the sealed vessel to containing gases or liquids. The materials include metal and non-metal materials. In the production process vessel, plate cutting is one of the most important key points. Renowned FHIC has been using DAMA machines. Basing on realizing durability and dependable service are the advantages of DAMA products, FHIC places DAMA machines not only in Jenwu and Mailiao plants in Taiwan but also in Ningbo plant in China and Ha Thinh plant in Vietnam. The support of FHIC is the motivation for DAMA to go forward.

Architectural Steel Construction Industry:Chun-Yuan Steel Co., Ltd.

The construction of most large buildings, such as airports, domed stadium and others requires new methodology. Chun-Yuan has been considered as the leadership in this industry. Chun-Yuan had purchased two CNC pipe cutting machines and one CNC plasma bevel cutting machine to conduct the construction process f domed stadium which increased their working efficiency greatly. Having the trust from such a competitive company like Chun-Yuan is the big pleasure to DAMA.

Bridge Steel Construction Industry:Long-Sheng Machinery Engineering Co., Lt

In Taiwan, more and more bridges are constructed by steel constructing structures which gradually replaces traditional reinforced concretes. The advantage is that steel constructed bridge can be recycled for re-utilization. Also the production duration is shorter because the bridge span is able to be prebuilt before being transported to its site of installation. Long-Sheng, one of the most valuable customers of DAMA, is undoubtedly the representative among all the companies specialized in this field.

Plate Cutting Service Center:Hsuan-Chen Co., Ltd. (Tai-Yuan)

There are many factories work on steel plate cutting in Taiwan and Hsuan-Chen (Tai-Yuan) is one of the best. Hsuan-Chen offers cutting service for steel plates in thickness ranged from 4~400mm. Currently Hsuan-Chen (Tai-Yuan) has 17 units of DAMA products to execute cutting application which gives DAMA significant confidence and encouragement.