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HDC Series (Joint Plate)

Code pro008

CTR 612


  1. HDC-1640,HDC-1020 with high speed spindle up to 2000rpm, support cooling thru spindle & rigid taping for heavy duty drilling & high efficiency
  2. Best solution for nowadays high speed drilling plate with holes. More than double efficiency than hydraulic feeding drilling machine.
  3. CNC system: Dama-Syntec Special purpose CNC system, Windows CE base for plate drilling jobs with ease operation interface.
  4. Rigid BT40 spindle, drilling diameter from 6~50mm for most usage of steel construction, joint plate job.
  5. Max drilling thickness up to 100mm, users can load many plates as layers & drills in one term.
  6. Support Rigid Tapping from M8~M24 for steel construction jobs or machine parts requested.
  7. Four basic working area, during one area under drilling, operators can load in & load out other work-pieces to reduce the idle time.
  8. Users can set up more than 4 sets of program home position, pre-arrange different drilling jobs on the same working table.
  9. Chain type of Chip conveyer can help to clean the chip after drilling with convenience, most chip will move & load into the chip cart for easy recycling.
  10. Longitudinal axes (two sides ) with Auto clamping device, they will hold & clamp the machine body tightly during drilling & enhance the machine satiability.
  11. Optional 10T umbrella type ATC with tool life management, users can set up the max Z feeding distance, once over the setting value, the machine will change the tools automatically.






IPC CNC controller (Taiwan Syntec 10 serials)

10.4” LCD color display
Part program loading:

  • USB port
  • RS-232,RS422, Serial Port
  • 10/100 MB Ethernet RJ45

High Speed High precision spindle

BT 40 spindle
Rotary coupling, standard for cooling-thru tools.
Adopting with spindle air cooling system & air positive
pressure system to protect the spindle

Spindle motor & inverter

10 HP

20 HP

Spindle rpm

200~2000 rpm

Drilling capability (Material thickness)

φ6~φ50 / 6t~100t

Tapping capability

M8 - M24

X,Y AC servo driver and motor


Z AC servo driver and motor

2kw driver and motor with brake

Positioning speed

X,Y 12000mm/min ,Z:6000mm/min

Positioning accuracy


Reproducibility accuracy


Verticality Accuracy

≦0.05/300 mm

Tool length (attach Auto measurement)

170 to 300 mm

Plate dimension &Work area

L x W mm


1000 x 2000

1600 x 4000


1000 x 900

1600 x 1950


450 x 900

750 x 1950

Number of hydraulic fixture

12 sets

16 sets

Chip conveyer


Cooling recycling system & water tank

High pressure coolant

File transfer software for (DXF to G, M code)


Power supply

3 ø,220V,20HP

3 ø,220V,30HP

Air pressure


Machine weight



Machine dimension(L x W x H) mm

2780 x 3540 x 3160

5070 x 3800 x 3160

ATC Tool Change(Option)

10 Tools Umbrella Type








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HDC Series (Joint Plate)