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DMP Table Type Series

Code pro006

CTR 624


  1. The portal of the DMP is made from an extremely strong and rigid structure, designed to meet the requirements of thin to medium thickness plasma applications.
  2. The water type cutting table is integrated with the machine or option fume suction cutting table.
  3. The option fume suction table there are 2 layers for table, upper for cutting area, lower one for sealed fume suction channel, easy to clean the cutting dross & pick up the parts & ensure the fume extraction performance in optimization.
  4. Burny Smart THC height sensor with AVC control & magnetic anti-collision device.
  5. Extra loading flame cutting torch is available, option with a flame cutting kit, up to 100mm for thicker carbon steel plate cutting.
  6. Recommended option for outer bag type filter system that can be either located by customer side or provided by DAMA
  7. Powerful & ease to use Windows-XPe PC based CNC
  8. LCD touch screen and full color high-resolution graphic display.
  9. 50 preprogram and choice of CAD/CAM to suit all applications.
  10. Multiple input for parts program loading, USB interface,RS-232 interface and Ethernet or wireless
  11. Both CAD's dxf and dwg files can be read directly for cutting.










Effective cutting width

1524 mm


1800 mm

1800 mm

2000 mm

2000 mm

Effective cutting length

3100 mm

6100 mm

3100 mm

6100 mm

3100 mm

6100 mm

Machine space (W x L) mm

3000 x 4500

3000 x 8000

3300 x 4500

3300 x 8000

3500 x 4500

3500 x 8000

Longitudinal drive

Dual AC Servo Motor/Rack / linear guide

Transverse drive

AC Servo Motor/Rack / linear guide

Cutting Speed

100~6000 mm/min

Rapid Speed

18000 mm/min

Plasma torch Height sensing control

Smart THC

Plasma cutting capacity

1~50mm, Refer to plasma

Plasma gas

Refer to plasma model

Power supply (CNC use)

3 phase, 220V, 60Hz, 5KVA

Power supply (plasma)

Refer to plasma model

Water type table as standard


  • Industrial Grade LCD 15" Touch Screen and Windows XPe-based operation system
  • With cycle start, Cycle stop, Go To, Reverse industrial grade membrane panel controls.
  • 1G SRAM, 80GB hard drive and USB interface.
  • 50 pre-programmed commonly used standard shapes. Accepts either ESSI or EIA RS274-D programming formats.





1. Oxy-Fuel gas cutting kit

  • One gas torch with motorized torch lifter and station
  • Regulator & pressure gauge
  • Oxy-Fuel cutting logic sequence control & operation panel

2. Zinc powder marking torch

3. Water table with air bag or fume suction table



HPR-130XD (130A)
HPR-260XD (260A )
HPR-400XD (400A)

High performance plasma(manual gas)

HSD-130 Hyspeed plasma (130A),MAXPro200 plasma(200A)

Powermax 125,105,85 plasma (125A,105A,85A),)


OTC D12000 Air plasma(120A)





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DMP Table Type Series